Why buy a Lead Soil Testing Kit?


Why buy a Lead Soil Testing Kit?

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Worth the investment

Lead in your soil is a serious issue that can easily be dealt with through the purchase of a lead soil testing kit. The most common occurrence of lead in soil comes from acid rain washing lead off of exterior house paint and into the yard. Car exhaust from nearby highways can also contribute to the problem.

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Affordable and Important Information

However it may happen, the presence of lead is quite possible and the costs of testing are reasonable. Home test kits are sold in packs containing anywhere from six to 100. Generally, the cheaper ones range in price from fifty cents to just under two dollars. The developers of such tests boast accurate results in record time with little effort. However, as with most home tests, the various solutions and swabs leave a lot of room for non-professional human error.

Other lead soil testing kits have inflated prices but are still reliant on the proper procedure from a non-professional. They are carried out entirely at home and offer results in less than 30 minutes.

Reliability Concerns

The U. S. Department of Labor expresses confidence in these kits, noting that they do detect lead at the necessary levels. However, since so many substances interfere with the reading, often a negative result cannot be trusted. If you still suspect lead after getting a negative result, you may want to look into sending some materials to a lab. These kits are provided results in a matter of days.

If you fear there might be a leader in your soil, the less expensive lead tests are an economical and easy way towards a piece of mind. The existence of interfering chemicals may mean your best decision is paying the higher price up front and shipping off some samples.

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