Tips To Growing Tomatoes Turvy Upside Down


Tips To Growing Tomatoes Turvy Upside Down

Growing Tomatoes Turvy Upside Down

Scroll down to watch our video on how easy it is to assemble the Topsy Turvy Upside Down Planter!

Don’t miss our outdoor hydroponic garden planter which is also a great solution for growing tomatoes, herbs, flowers, and vegetables. You also might be interested in our other upside-down patio garden planter.

Now you can achieve dramatic success growing tomatoes, other vegetables, or even flowers in a small area. This planter is ideal for decks, patios, porches, balconies, or even hanging from a tree.

Time Magazine chose the Topsy Turvy as one of their picks for the Amazing Inventions of 2005. They said, “No longer will you have to cage, stake, or weed your tomato plants or battle cutworms and other ruinous critters to put fresh tomatoes on the table.”

You don’t have to dig any holes or bend over to work or water, and weeding is eliminated.

You don’t have to worry about tomato cages or stakes because the plants grow upside down with gravity. Plants grown upside down will curl upward, looking for the sun. It creates a very interesting and unusual plant with no ugly sprawling. Flowers look particularly interesting grown upside down.

All you need to start growing is to provide your topsoil and a small starter plant to transplant into the Topsy Turvy. The planter is designed to hold the plant and the soil perfectly in place so there are no spills.

Feeding and watering are easy. You just pour water into the top funnel while standing up.

You can use several different Topsy Turvy planters at the same time. Grow tomatoes in one, green peppers in another, and flowers in a third one. The possibilities are unlimited.

The Topsy Turvy planter is a durable garden container that you can use again and again to grow plants for many years to come. If you grow annual flowers, tomatoes, annual herbs, etc. you simply fill it with fresh soil and plant a new batch of starter plants in the spring.

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Since the container is mostly covered, it doesn’t need to be watered as much as an open container.

You can grow two tomato plants at once from a Topsy Turvy, which will bring a lot of tomatoes from a small space. Depending on the variety of tomato vine you use, you can get up to 30 lbs of tomatoes at once.

Order potting soil with your Topsy Turvy and save on shipping! An order of coir bricks contains enough material to fill 2 Topsy Turvy planters. With coir, you can cut down on the mess and hassle of carrying bags of potting soil.

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What customers are saying

Topsy Turvy Upside Down Tomato

I purchased a Topsy-Turvy planter from your website this spring and am quite happy with the results. Today I picked the first of the ripe red tomatoes and they were delicious. In the past, I had very little luck with growing tomatoes. Either my soil isn’t right, the locations I tried weren’t sunny enough, or the plants would get diseases. The Topsy-Turvy seemed to eliminate all of these issues.

The only problem I encountered was in watering the tomatoes. You suggested that rather than just pouring the water into the top of the container, the water should be applied in a slow (drip, drip, drip) manner. That is very time-consuming. I found that a plastic drinking glass (I used a “Solo” 18 oz. cup) would fit between the wires that the container hangs from, with the bottom of the cup directly over the Topsy-Turvy opening.

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I used the point of a straight pin to puncture a very small hole in the bottom of the cup. This allows me to pour water from a larger container into the cup. With the hot weather we’ve been having lately, I’ve had to fill the cup 4 or 5 times a day, so I just leave the cup in place and fill it when needed. It takes 10 to 15 minutes for all of the water to drain out of the cup. I just thought I’d pass this idea along. Thanks for a great product.

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Customer tips for using the Topsy Turvy

We’ve received some great advice from people using the Topsy Turvy. See what they have to say!

“During the recent hot weather, my tomato plant wilted seriously every afternoon when it received direct sunlight, even when the soil inside was well watered. The outside of the bag was warm to the touch and I suspected that the roots were not happy in warm soil, so I wrapped the root bag in aluminum foil to deflect the heat. Bingo! My plant stays perky all day every day, and is setting blooms left and right.”

“I am trying the topsy-turvy for the first time this year. I found a two-liter plastic bottle that works just fine. Use a needle to put a hole in the bottom and one in the neck of the bottle close to the cap. If you put the hole in the cap it may reseal. This will allow it to drip a little bit at a time. “

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