05 Awesome Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards

5 Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards
5 Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards

05 Awesome Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards

5 Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards5 Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards

Landscaping small yards is a challenge for house owners as they have to come up with unique ideas and designs. Having a small yard does not mean that you cannot have a beautiful one. You may not be able to fit an Olympic-sized pool in your backyard, but there are hundreds of other landscaping ideas for small yards which can be used to revitalize your yard and accentuate its focal points.

There are numerous landscaping companies which can design your small yard for you. However, you can follow some simple backyard landscaping ideas for small yards and save a lot of this expense. The trick in small landscaping ideas is to create a unique yard without cluttering it up with things. Here are some simple ideas which can help people in making their garden different from others in the neighborhood.

Option 1: Build Up

In the case of small yards, it is recommended that people should opt to build up instead of building out. The charm of small yards remains in building up and it offers people more room to apply different landscaping ideas. In addition, it is also less costly as it saves not only money but time as well and at the same time enhances the look of the yard. In replacement of garden beds, container gardening can be used in order to minimize space. With containers, you can swap plants depending on the seasons as well. Plants can also be moved around to create a new and different look every time. In a limited environment, it is better to avoid boulders and large rocks as they take up too much space. The trick is to a landscape in a manner that it looks designed instead of stuffed.

Option 2: Select Colors Wisely

One important point which should be remembered in relation to landscaping ideas for small yards is the use of colors. Choosing the right color is essential as colors form impressions on people. Colors can also add varied depth perceptions and some can make the garden appear larger and roomier. This is also a great landscaping idea for front yards.

Option 3: Create a Rock Garden

Amongst the creative ideas for small yards, creating a rock garden is one of the most unique. Although they may not suit every garden, they can complement the structure and style of some yards when designed properly. They make great conversation pieces and can be termed as an interesting focal point. Rocks should either be built in a corner or the side of the house. Nonetheless, rocks should be chosen in a manner that they not only suit each other but also the plants and flowers surrounding them. It is not vital for the rock garden to be large but instead, the rocks should be closely aligned and yet look natural.

Option 4: Add Water Features

preformed pond

Incorporating water features like pond fountains can give a cool look to your small yard. There are several different ways through which these can be included such as a birdbath, a water fountain, or even a smaller plastic garden pond. These seem more elegant in a small space as compared to putting in a larger pond or an expensive waterfall and are also low maintenance. Just make sure that you install them with a pond UV light so you don’t have them get clogged with algae!

Option 5: Use Some Other Designs

There are other designs which can also be implemented in a small yard such as fences, metal trellises, train vines up walls, plant fruit trees, etc. Like a small room, a small yard should not be overwhelmed with outdoor furniture. A better alternative to this would be to make use of a small picnic table which could be inviting as well as charming.

All these landscaping ideas for small yards can create a relaxing and comfortable environment and make your small yard professional and welcoming.

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