Most Different Types of Cactus Houseplants


Most Different Types of Cactus Houseplants

Want to give a Christmas gift of plants, consider the different types of cactus as a unique and festive gift.

So that stubby little plant you seen with thorns is most certainly a cactus, we all know that! But are you completely sure the next time you see a cactus-like plant if it really is a cactus? Not so sure are you now, this is because there are so many varieties of the cactus plant that most often people get confused.
The cactus is an easy-to-grow plant, even when it is completely neglected you will see this stubborn little plant struggling but managing. The cactus is a very well adjusting plant. It can survive in any condition with little or no water for weeks. The cactus plant can vary in size and shape. It can be very tall and thin or it can be short and stubby, some even have flowers. Did you know there are almost 2000 species of cactus?

Types of Cacti Plants

There are different types of cacti and different species. Here are a few types of the cactus plant:

Arid Climate Cacti

This is the most typical type of cactus plant, the kind that we all naturally think, one that is surviving in desert conditions. This cactus plant has spines and sometimes has flowers, which makes it a very ornamental plant. There are different types of arid climate cactus as well. Star Cactus is an easy-to-grow cactus that is spineless and has white flakes outside.

The Sea Urchin cactus is a small grayish-green or whitish-green plant. It has a bright yellow flower with a red base that appears every 5 years. The goat’s horn cactus is a small cactus that has brown spines twisting around it. Its flowers are mostly wine red at the base. Bishop’s cap is a spherical cactus with white scales and yellow flowers.

The star cactus grows as a spherical cactus and then star-shaped, hence its name. If you have small spaces and windowsills the Chin Cacti is perfect as it is a small plant and one that blooms early. Its flowers are pretty white and pink. The pincushion cacti are a group of free-flowering cacti that are the simplest to look after.

The reason they are called pincushion is that they are so densely spun and hairy-looking. Rainbow cacti are so-called because its flowers are red, white, magenta and pink. This cactus looks like an explosion of colors and makes for a very interesting centerpiece.

Rain Forest Cacti

Most people cannot imagine a cactus plant growing in a rainforest, but you will be surprised at the number of rainforest cactus there are. In fact, rainforest cactus are very pretty flowering cacti and make great thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter Garden gifts. They look very different from arid cactus, they have wide and flat green stems which look a lot like leaves and they do not have thorns either.

These rainforest cacti need more water yet should not be flooded with water. They should not be allowed to completely dry out in the summer months as they will just die. Though the rainforest cactus needs sunlight, too much of it will harm it and too little will also harm it. It’s a tricky little plant these rainforest cacti but pretty to keep in the house. There are different types in the rainforest cacti as well.

There is the Thanksgiving and Christmas cactus, which flowers in between these, holidays and is hence named. The Easter cactus is one that quite naturally flowers around Easter. The Orchid cactus is one that can bloom under extreme shaded heat and high humidity. The flowers of this cactus plant are 6 inches long and of varied colors, they have the sweetest scent and most often bloom at night.

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