Designing your Rose Garden

Designing your Rose Garden
Designing your Rose Garden

Designing your Rose Garden

Designing your Rose Garden

Using roses in your landscape can make the exterior of your home beautiful and inviting. You have to make sure you select the appropriate variety that will complement and accent the style of your home.

Roses are available in a number of classes. Each class has characteristics that make them appropriate for the use you have in mind. Your choice depends on where you want to plant your roses. Tall growing tea roses are a good choice as an ornamental rose garden if you want roses growing up and over a trellis or archway or cascading from window boxes. Tea roses are known for their wild growing blooms.

You can also accent a wall. For this type of decorative element, you want a true climbing rose. You can train these roses to grow in any way you want so you can have many different looks and effects.

If you want a vibrant splash of background color, choose the Floribunda rose. This rose variety gives you color in your landscape with their large, breathtaking sprays of blooms. It is a versatile rose which can also be used as ground cover or planted in front of other roses for color and accent. The Floribunda rose can also be used as a standalone plant and trained into a small tree or planted as a hedge. Rugosa roses are also a choice for this type of accent.

The impact you are looking for in your garden are the colors that will make a decorative accent in your landscape. You want healthy plants that create an impact in different sizes, styles, textures, colors, and shapes. When designing your rose garden, choose complementary colors for your landscape. For example, you can use an arrangement of pink roses to complement a stone or marble entranceway and white tea roses as a contrast against a dark red brick wall.

Roses come in so many colors that it will be easy to find the colors to complement and enhance your landscape in any way you want. Mix styles and textures while incorporating your favorite colors to make your landscape interesting.

For your rose garden, choose the varieties that are suitable for the area in which you live. You want to minimize the risks associated with diseases and pests.

Designing your rose garden will be a challenge, but it can also prove to be fun and interesting. The result will enhance the exterior of your home.

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