TACKLIFE Weeder Tool Review, 39-Inch Stand Up Weeder


TACKLIFE Weeder Tool Review, 39-Inch Stand-Up Weeder

TACKLIFE Weeder Tool Review, 39-Inch Tool, Orange + Black

TACKLIFE Weeder Tool, 39-Inch Stand Up Weeder is one of the best stand-up weeders that fast, easy and permanent way to remove weeds.

TACKLIFE Stand Up Weeder is a garden weeder designed to deliver a lethal dose of energy with the least effort directly to the root of the problem. It is simple, powerful, and easy to use — a real back saver!

The Innovative Design of Automatic Spring Appliance:

whenever the weed can automatically return to its original position, it does not need to be removed manually, so the cleaning can be done faster and easier. The weeds at the root can fly automatically and are very convenient and interesting. The pop-up structure automatically helps to remove weeds and reduce fatigue caused by hand operation. It is a unique design of Tacklife tools.

TACKLIFE Weeder, 39-Inch Stand Up Weeder

TACKLIFE Weeder, 39-Inch Stand Up Weeder, Heavy Duty Thickened 3-claw Stainless Steel


  • Use the TACKLIFE 39″ tall tool to prevent knee and waist pain caused by frequent pumps. The handshake is made of plastic, handle design provides better ergonomics to reduce wrist tension and improve grip, more breakage of workmanship; more blisters on palms Lightweight aluminum shaft provides easy maneuverability and durable strength.
  • The scientific design combines stainless steel claws, pedals, and handles to form a sturdy and flexible lever. The tear-off tool is inserted into the weeds, pushing the top of the handle to apply force on the back and bottom, and the grass is extracted, which saves labor and is effective. Ideal for permanently removing invasive weeds without multiple applications of hard and expensive herbicides.

High Strength Stainless Steel Material

The digging tool is made from durable stainless steel blades, and the handles are also made of special materials. The pedal can withstand your weight when you walk on it to make sure it does not break even if used frequently.

Stainless steel claws and stronger pedals allow you to penetrate through the hard ground. This is a durable stainless steel weed extractor for the garden, so you do not need to buy another anthill.

Product Features:

  • Removes Long-rooted Weeds Intact
  • Invasive weeds Removed While Standing
  • Minimal Ground Disturbance
  • Sturdy Angle-iron
  • Innovative Automatic Spring Device 39-Inch

Uproots Invasive Weeds–

about one every 5 seconds. The ground rises like an earthquake around the weed, and the plant pops out! Dandelions are no match for the Digger.

After using chemicals, frequent mowing, and knees with a crowbar and mallet, Clint Jones invented the Dandy Digger for his own use.

The praises for this weeder, from people who gave it a fair test, are absolutely fabulous. People say that it’s so easy to pull weeds that it’s actually fun! Read the testimonials under Other Notes.


More Enjoyable Gardening Experience

  • No need to use expensive harmful herbicides, use Tacklife Weeder to be safer for the environment, children, and pets.
  • This garden ripper will help you take care of your garden and remove annoying plants in years to come.
  • The Stand-Up Weeder is ideal for helping the garden permanently remove dandelions, pods, and other invasive pastures.

How Does it Work?

  • The success of the digger lies in how it is forced by foot perpendicular into the ground about two inches alongside the root, with the “V” side towards the root, to the full depth of the foot bar. Then as is swung downward the whole plant will begin to rise as the point of the tool swings up.
  • As the tool point pivots upward forcing the ground apart like an earthquake it breaks and loosens the soil while pushing the root out and often causes the whole plant to jump out of the ground.
  • The entire tool is less than 1 1/2 inches wide. This allows a minimal disturbance of the ground. The broken soil slides past both sides of the beveled edges of the tool allowing the root to be pushed out from beneath.
  • With the root thus loosened, it is easy to brush the whole plant away with a swipe of the tool point or pull it out, and then a stomp of the foot replaces the divot. Since there are no moving parts, the tool is easy to maintain. The tool is protected from rust and corrosion by a yellow powder coating.
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Reviews of TACKLIFE Weeder Tool

The Washington Post, Wash. DC, GREEN SCENE by Joel M. Lerner, Pres. of Environmental Design: “TACKLIFE Weeder is phenomenally versatile. I haven’t been this impressed with a tool since the Weed Eater string trimmer of the 1970s.”

The Detroit News, MI, GARDENING by Nancy Szerlag, Master Gardener: “I am plagued by nasty weeds, such as Canadian Thistle. Fortunately, I have found a tool that dispatches these dastardly devils with a minimum of effort. When my clay soil is wet and heavy, I use TACKLIFE Weeder to do some serious weeding. I can dig out a 2- to 3-food Canadian Thistle with 6- to 10- inches of root attached in about 5 seconds.”

Atlanta, Georgia by Daryl Pulis, past President of 1700 member Georgia Master Gardener Assoc.: “TACKLIFE Weeder tool does a great job of loosening up the wild privet that grows in my woods.”

Whidbey News-Times, WA, IN GOOD THYME by Mariana Graham, Whidbey Island County Master Gardener: “I have personally tested the TACKLIFE Weeder tool and it works very well. It not only makes child’s play of dandelion removal but does a good job of ousting my least favorite weed, thistle.”

Peninsula Daily News, Port Angeles WA, REGARDS RAYNA: “TACKLIFE Weeder is by far the best wedding tool I have ever seen.. and we are no strangers to this line of weekend work.”

The Rapid City Journal, S.D. by Cathie Draine: “One of my favorite tools is TACKLIFE Weeder. The tool is simple itself….it can be driven into the ground with foot power. To remove the entire plant and root, one only needs to pull back. The weed with root intact pops out. The tool works; it makes my brain nerve cells jingle with joy just to think of it.”

San Jose Mercury News, San Jose, CA – Holly Hayes, Feb. 15, 2002 Headlines: “DANDELIONS BEWARE FAST AND EFFICIENT DANDY DIGGER” TACKLIFE Weeder tool is ingeniously simple. It works like a very narrow space.”

Testimonials on TACKLIFE Weeder

Testimonials TACKLIFE Weeder

“Clint, I bought my first digger about 18 months ago. I was so impressed that I ordered a stainless one. Besides, I needed two so my wife could work. Now I gradually move my way out of sight and stop for lemonade while she works. I have every weeding device known to man and this is the best one.”

I am very satisfied with your dandy digger: I used it to fill wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow with dandelions and other invasive weeds, some almost as big as large bushes! It was fun digging up the weeds. I discovered if I watered the ground thoroughly first, they would come out of the ground more easily. I did actually bend the dandy digger a bit when I was digging in dry ground…but I think it was just that I was being unusually enthusiastic.

I found some other stand-up weeder uses for the tool. I have several solar path lights: the kind that you just stick in the ground. But the plastic point on the ends are not sturdy enough to penetrate our solid dirt: you have to dig a hole first. The dandy digger makes a perfect hole for the path lights.

I think you have a good product. When I was looking on the Internet for something to help with my invasive weeds, I turned up your digger right away though. So it’s easy to find on the Internet. I also found a few gardening places on the net that were ‘reselling’ your tool and several testimonials from happy users!

I’m glad I have one! Thanks for making such a great dandelion-killing tool.”
Jill Dougherty

“I already owned five diggers (not your type) from hardware stores. Yours is more heavy-duty than those. If I have light weeding to do I use one or two of the original five. Your digger weighs more and is bigger and is used for getting deep roots such as Virginia Button Weed.

By the way – I have all these diggers because I am always leaving them somewhere and it takes time to find them.”

“The Dandy Digger is, indeed, a dandy, Clint. It even works well on wild onions. It got another good workout this Spring with all the flora that I was not happy to see visit my lawn. I was easily able to extract those unwanted visitors with the help of your “little jewel.” Congratulations on a quality product that should be among the inventory of all gardener’s tools.

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TACKLIFE Weeder Tool, 39-Inch Stand Up Weeder

With a simple movement like a shotgun expels in a second… it saves time and reduces tension on the hands, fingers, and wrist. Only time will tell us how durable it is, but I have the feeling that it will last… it’s very robust. For me, the test after a purchase is to ask myself if I would do it again, and in this case, I’m glad to say that I would definitely do it.

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