Crafts for Hanging Flower Pots Planters


Crafts for Hanging Flower Pots Planters

Crafts for Hanging Flower Pots

Got more vertical space than horizontal? Hang up your plants! You don’t need to visit the garden store for special supplies. Instead, recycle the bits and bobs that are cluttering up your house and incorporate them into a one-of-a-kind hanging flower pots design. Or think outside the planter and turn your flower pots into something else entirely.

Do-It-Yourself Pot Hanger

Convert any terracotta pot into a hanging flower pot using some leftover twine or clothesline. First, tie some cord around the pot just underneath the place where the rim widens out. Then, cut two lengths of cord equal to twice the desired distance from the pot to the hook from which it will hang.

Tie the ends of these pieces to the loop so that the four knots are evenly spaced. If the pot is fairly heavy, leave a long tail after each knot and tie the four tails together below the pot for extra support.

Set the flower pot inside the loop. The two lengths of cord you tied onto the loop will resemble grocery bag handles; use these handles to hang the pot. Upgrade this basic utilitarian design by stringing beads, braiding the cords, or painting the outside of the pot.

Pass the cord “handles” through an old key chain, napkin ring, or bracelet before hanging up the pot. Hang tinsel from the support loop. Any disused household object can be put to new use by decorating your hanging pots rack.

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Macrame Designs

Macrame, the art of decorative knotwork, lends itself perfectly to making flower pot hangers. In addition to being more attractive than a single length of clothesline, a macrame cord is stronger as well. Find free plant hanger patterns on the Amazon store Website. If you’re new to Amazon, you can order your plants from here:

Wall Hanging Flower Pots

This craft idea from DLTK’s Growing Together is ideal for small children with an adult’s help and supervision. Cut a Styrofoam cup in half lengthwise so that the base of the cup is now a half-circle.

Paint this and a large paper plate in bright colours. After the paint dries, glue the half-cup to the plate. Punch a hole through the plate above the top of the cup and tie a ribbon through it so you can hang your creation on the wall. Fill the cup with green tissue paper or “Easter grass” and top off with a silk flower or a paper daisy on a pipe-cleaner stem.

If you want live plants in your wall-hanging flower pot, line the cup compartment with a waterproof plastic bag cut to size. Put a few tablespoons of gravel at the bottom of the bag and fill it up with potting soil.

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Holiday Decorations with Flowers for Hanging Pots Planters

Hang a terracotta flower pot upside down, paint it, and glue on household odds and ends to create any seasonal character you can think of. The pot itself will be the figure’s body, and a wooden or Styrofoam ball attached to the pot’s base will be the head.

For example, make a snowman by attaching two twigs for arms and a wide ribbon for a scarf. A red sock and an unravelled cotton ball become Santa’s hat and beard. Glue holly leaves or pine needles to the top and hang wind-chime pipes below, and you’ve got a Christmas bell.

Making The Right Choices For Hanging Flower Pots Containers

Having a variety of pot sizes is key to a successful hanging container garden. Starting with a few larger-sized pots (three or four) and increasing the quantity as you go to medium and small garden hanging plots. By picking out a bright color for one of your large pots, you will definitely draw attention to that particular area – which is OK if that is your intention.

Where To Put Your Hanging Pots

Depending on the size of your space, start with larger hanging pots that are about two or three feet tall. This will become a focal point to draw your eye in. Use an existing focal point to place these hanging large pots such as a corner, next to a permanent pole, or near an important piece of furniture. You can also achieve the opposite effect to draw the eye AWAY from sore spots, like air conditioners, electric boxes, etc.

Now that you have the large pots placed where you want your focal points to be, place a few of the medium-sized pots close to the larger ones. Try to imagine how the trailing plants from the large pots will look when you are placing the medium-sized ones around them. Usually, two or three medium-sized garden pots will be sufficient.

Now you can fill in the remaining areas with small pots. Since there are no set rules to this, place them randomly where they look good to you!

Preparing The Hanging Pots

Seal the insides of any terracotta Hanging pots with a good water sealant. Make sure all of your pots have a hole in the bottom for water drainage. If not, you will have to drill them with half-inch holes (especially wood Hanging containers).

To keep all the dirt from falling out the bottom, you’ll need to cover the inside of the hole with a couple of layers of newspaper, a small piece of screen or, shards from a broken hanging pot. Place a bowl under each pot if they are sitting on a wood deck or patio.

Hanging Flower Plants Selection

It’s best to have up to three types of Flower plants in the larger pots – a trailing flower that falls down the sides of the pot and covers up the top rim, a cover flowers that fill in the middle, and an upright FLowers that stands out tall from the rest. Experiment with different types and colors but stick to plants that require the same amount of watering. Have fun and use your imagination!

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