Top 11 Fix-Ups for Garden Winter Damage

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Top 11 Fix-Ups for Garden Winter Damage

garden winter damagegarden winter damage

Follow these helpful tips for repairing winter damage. Anxious gardeners venture out early to assess the damage from winter’s icy grasp. While many problems can and should be treated, don’t be too hasty. Not only can plants show surprising resilience, but also a late wintry blast can undo your efforts and even make things worse.

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1/ Bald patches with a greyish cast in the lawn may be the result of snow mold, a cold-loving fungus that thrives under deep snow cover. It’s unsightly but not usually fatal. A brisk raking and light fertilization should bring the grass back (fungicides are not recommended). To prevent snow mold, keep your grass thick and healthy, avoid thatch buildup and rake the lawn clean in fall. Piles of leaves left on the lawn can also cause bare patches. If the grass doesn’t respond to the above treatment, cut out the patches and resod, or rake them, cover with a thin layer of triple-mix soil and reseed.


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