5 Easy Water-Wise Tips for your Garden

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5 Easy Water-Wise Tips for your Garden

5 Easy Water-Wise Tips for your Garden5 Easy Water-Wise Tips for your Garden

Do you find yourself with the hose in hand far more often than you’d care to admit? Although we have a symbiotic relationship with our gardens—in return for watering and feeding, they provide blooms and food—our portion of the workload can be considerably lightened by following these five tips:

1. Leave the lawn

People municipalities report water usage doubles during the summer months. A large percentage of this is attributed to lawn irrigation. Watering deeply once a week encourages a much better root system than watering lightly each day. Also, by mowing at a higher setting (6.5 cm), the grass retains water better. Mow before the grass becomes so tall you have to rake the clippings, as the short clippings act as a desirable thatch that helps to fertilize and shade roots from the scorching sun. Don’t panic if your lawn begins to turn brown during extended dry periods; it’s simply going dormant. An established lawn will recover and regain its green color once the rain returns.


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