Garden landscaping, 10 Mistakes to Avoid

Garden landscaping, 10 mistakes to avoid
Garden landscaping, 10 mistakes to avoid

Garden landscaping, 10 Mistakes to Avoid

Garden landscaping, 10 mistakes to avoidGarden landscaping, 10 mistakes to avoid

When it comes to garden landscaping, it is not always possible to hire a landscaper. Often, everyone manages with his own skills to make his small garden a pleasant space to live! To carry out this mission at best, here are 10 mistakes not to be made to avoid disappointments.

10 mistakes to avoid for successful landscaping

Are you lucky enough to have a small outdoor area? So, you surely want to transform it or to make plantations there so that it is to your taste! Before you start, review these 10 common garden design mistakes that are commonplace and easy to avoid:

Garden landscaping

Error 1: Do not check plant dimensions

If you are planting without first inquiring about the adult size of the plants, you may regret it. Indeed, the plant will grow in height but also in width and thus change the appearance of your garden area. Growing up, a plant can, for example, hide a window, block a point of view or project too much shade!

Garden landscaping lawn

Mistake 2: Give too much space to the lawn

Set up a beautiful green expanse, this can be tempting when it comes to landscaping the garden. Still, better think twice! Indeed, the maintenance of a lawn is a consumer of free time. If you prefer to devote it to other activities, it is better to consider other alternatives such as artificial turf, especially in a small space.

Garden landscaping tree

Error 3: Do not evaluate the nuisance capacity of a tree

The tree in a garden is a symbol of life and nature. However, before planting one, especially if space is small, it is useful to anticipate the inconvenience it can cause. Indeed, with the use, certain species of trees can prove embarrassing because of the leaves, the fruits, the flowers or the sap that they will lose. These are all sources of dirt or potential discomfort!

Garden layout size

Error 4: Prune at the wrong time

Learn about shrub seasoning times for different species. In fact, you will avoid cutting the buds that produce the flowers, thus depriving you of spring or summer blooms. Admit that a forsythia or quince of Japan without flowers give much less charm to the garden! (tips for pruning shrubs)

Winter garden landscaping

Mistake 5: Forget about planting for fall and winter

In general, when the garden is being landscaped, great attention is paid to plantations designed to beautify spring and summer in the garden. Autumn and winter are often neglected. Yet by planting shrubs with colorful foliage or shrubs with berries, it is easy to illuminate the garden during these two seasons!

Landscaping plants cover the ground

Mistake 6: Use invasive ground cover plants

Ground cover plants are often used to prevent weed growth or to animate an unpleasant corner of the garden. Choose these plants well because some of them, such as ivy, grow so much that they can become invasive. It is difficult to get rid of it! (8 ground cover plants ideal for small gardens)

Garden landscaping storage

Error 7: Think only about aesthetics

When landscaping the garden, thinking about aesthetics is essential but it is not enough. Indeed, the functional aspect is far from negligible. It is indeed about designing a space that is as easy to live. This means that the garden has to be practical thanks to storage solutions in particular. It must also be safe especially if there are children.

Garden landscaping mulch hedge

Error 8: Choosing a binding mulch

The purpose of the mulch is to simplify the gardener’s life by limiting the growth of weeds among others. It is also useful in winter to protect plantations. In all cases, take care to choose a mulch that is easy to remove and avoid those based on small stones that tend to become embedded in the ground.

Error 9: Do not control the growth of a hedge

It is common practice to provide in the development of the garden the establishment of a hedge of shrubs. It is indeed a good way to protect oneself from the vis-a-vis or to structure the space. But for it to continue fulfilling its role over time, we must not forget to maintain it by regular sizes. Thus, it will remain bushy and offer better occultation!

Garden landscaping decoration

Error 10: Abuse Decorative Items

Accessories purely decorative should be used sparingly and wisely to landscape the garden. Indeed, the excess risks creating overloaded decor that lacks elegance. They are therefore to choose carefully and use to attract attention or highlight particular elements. They must, first of all, sublimate the space! The landscaping of the garden is one of the priorities of any owner of a small outdoor space. With the help of this reminder and picking in the My Garden Store, it will be easy to avoid the most common mistakes and create a successful garden!

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