Top 26 Ideas Gifts For Gardeners Who Want to Have Everything


Gifts For Gardeners Who Have Everything

Are you seeking the perfect gift for the green-thumbed gardener in your life? Whether they’re a seasoned horticulturist or a budding plant enthusiast, finding the ideal present can be delightful and challenging. But fear not! We’ve curated a list of the top 26 gifts that will delight and inspire any gardener who seems to have it all.

From innovative tools to decorative accents and practical essentials, this comprehensive guide is designed to spark joy and cater to every gardening passion. Whether your gardening aficionado loves nurturing plants indoors or spends endless hours in the outdoor sanctuary of their garden, we’ve handpicked an array of items that are sure to impress and elevate their gardening experience.

What Do You Get the Gardener Who Has Everything?

The easiest thing that comes to mind is a nice gift card to the local garden center. Every gardener will be buying seeds and fertilizer for the spring crop, so a gift card might come in handy. Some tools need replacing, too, and maybe a few other necessities and gadgets.

It might behoove you to check out the tool shed to see if a hoe, rake, or spade is in disrepair. This is the perfect time to give a new garden tool to replace the one with the handle held together by tape or nails or broken off so short that only your 3-year-old grandson could use it.

There are all types of wedding gadgets on the market, too. Various three-piece hand tool sets normally include a trowel, garden fork, and cultivator. And what about personal protection gear, such as a new pair of gloves or a pair of coveralls? What about a wide-brimmed hat or one with a covering attached to protect the ears and neck? This keeps your special gardener from being exposed to too much sunshine.

What About Something to Make Gardening More Ergonomic?

Generally, gardening can be a great activity. As it can be an excellent source of exercise and pleasure, many people want to become gardeners, whether as a hobby or as a professional. However, while gardeners enjoy the energy that the warmer weather brings, it’s essential to use appropriate body mechanics and safety practices to avoid the risk of accidents and injuries associated with caring for a garden. This is where gardening ergonomics comes into play.

So, gardeners who want to make gardening more ergonomic should start by using ergonomically designed tools. For example, a nice set of kneepads, a kneeling pad, or a gardening tool are all useful for any of that close-to-the-ground work. One gardening tool is made to wear. It attaches to the gardener with a harness and allows hands-free movement around the garden. The coil spring on the bottom cushions the seat and allows the gardener to plop down just about anywhere.

Inevitably, dry weather will return, so how about a new garden hose or sprinkler? Kits are available for less than $100 to set up drip irrigation in the garden. Drip irrigation is more efficient. It helps reduce diseases by keeping the foliage dry while providing moisture right at the soil surface.

On the other hand, a good quality tree climbing harness can also be one of the ergonomically designed gardening tools for gardeners who climb trees once in a while for cutting or trimming purposes. It can be used along with ropes to help gardeners climb up a tree safely to avoid injury or accidents. It usually has adjustable or quick-release buckles which are easy to remove once the job is done. It’s also made from soft materials, making them more comfortable to use when climbing trees.

Because of this, a tree climbing harness can be an excellent addition to a gardener’s safety tools and equipment. Thankfully, there are many types of harnesses available in the online market, which is why searching for the right one doesn’t have to be very difficult. 

With all these things being said, getting the perfect gardening gift is never easy, as you try to capture the ideal blend of consideration and practicality in one item. And, of course, just as there are no two equal gardens, there are also no two gardeners.

To help guide you on the right path, we have prepared a definitive list of ideas for gardening gifts. We organized the guide into useful sections for products such as garden books and clothing, as well as gardening styles, as gifts for vegetable growers and environmentally friendly gardeners. Check out our carefully selected selection of the best traditional and unusual gifts for gardeners and we help you find the right gift.


The Best 26 Ideas Gifts For Gardeners 

1. Personalized Gardening Gift – Roo Garden Apron

Want to bring more beauty and life into your daily life? Now you can with this Roo Garden Apron. With the Roo Garden Apron, you will cook or prepare food in style while staying protected from stains and spills. It’s a perfect gift for the gardener in your life.

This Non-High Street Garden Apron can be personalized with Mom, Grandma, or any other chosen name for an individual touch. Made of indigo denim, the name is printed in gold and the front of the apron has four pockets, convenient for storing coins and pieces while working in the garden.

2. Hunter Women’s Original Tall Hunter Green Rain Boots

The Original Tall Rain Boot is designed to keep you dry, warm, and comfortable. This boot is perfect for wearing in the rain, snow, or anywhere else you need protection.

Suitable for all genres, these classic Hunter boots are an elegant statement for every gardener. Made of durable rubber and set with high traction tread, they must be reliable and resistant during damping days.

Hunter Women's Original Tall Hunter Green Rain Boots - 11 B(M) US
  • Each pair is handcrafted from 28 individual parts
  • Fully waterproof
  • Textile lined to deliver exceptional fit & comfort
  • Original calendared outsole offers high-traction across rough terrain
  • Crafted from natural vulcanised rubber

3. Failsworth Millinery Folder Panama Hat

This Millinery Folder Panama Hat backrest was handwoven in Ecuador before being finished in a family business in the United States. Perfect for summer, it is available in natural or ivory tones.

The Panama hat is the ultimate sun hat. It will keep your head, ears, and neck safe from the sun. You can wear it with any style of dress for any occasion. It’s the perfect accessory to keep you comfortable on hot summer days.

Failsworth Millinery Folder Panama Hat, Size: XL
  • Size: XL
  • From the Failsworth Millinery 2019 Spring / Summer Collection
  • Skillfully hand woven genuine Panama hat, made in Ecuador from 100% Toquilla
  • Measures approx 32cm across the brim; Rolls up in luggage

4. Gifts for Wild Gardeners  – FUNPENY Wooden Insect House, Insect Hotel for Butterfly, Bees, and Ladybugs

The FUNPENY Wooden Biome provides nesting tubes for solitary bees that, unlike honey and bumblebees, do not live in colonies. Since bees are wonderful pollinators, encouraging them in your garden should help your flowers thrive, a great gift for flower lovers.

Want to make some new friends? Introducing an innovative insect house that is perfect for your backyard! This 8.6×3.5×11.8-inch (WxDxH) house contains more than one hundred holes that are just the right size for ladybugs, bees, butterflies, and other tiny insects to hide in during the day and emerge at night to mate or drink nectar from flowers.

FUNPENY Wooden Insect House, Insect Hotel with Brush for Butterfly, Bees and Ladybugs
1,271 Reviews
FUNPENY Wooden Insect House, Insect Hotel with Brush for Butterfly, Bees and Ladybugs
  • Dimensions: 8.6 x 3.5 x 11.8 Inch (W x D x H)
  • Butterflys, bees and ladybugs can use this product as habitat, hatcheries or just as occasional shelter from rain.
  • The brush makes it easy to clean up every corner of this butterfly house.
  • The iron design on the top can protect the insect house from rainwater.
  • Bees and butterfly can make your garden much more beautiful.

5. Hedgehog House for Garden Waterproof, Bark Roof Inclined Roof Pine with Bark

Hedgehog House Gift Guide Help someone special make your garden a hedgehog shelter with this wooden and bark house. The structure is a safe and comfortable place for hedgehogs to hibernate during the winter months. If you are looking for more gifts from nature, read our guide to the best hedgehog houses and the best bird feeders.

The Hedgehog House for Garden is a natural, water-proof, Pine Wooden Roof, Bark Inclined House for your pet hedgehog. Also, it is suitable for all types of small animals. It is a perfect summer or winter shelter for your pet hedgehog to protect from the strong outside gusts when it is cold outside. And in the Spring when the weather improves, you can put your hedgie in there to hibernate

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6. Gardening Gifts – Green Bat Seed Ball Wild Bird Feeder

These small spiritual seed balls were developed by the Natural History Museum to attract and support common garden bats. Contains seeds of a variety of flowers, and the balls are peat-free with added chili powder to deter slugs.

This hedgehog house for the garden will be the perfect addition to your outdoor space. This cool green-looking hedgehog house for the garden is made of wood and has a plastic coating. With lovely eyes and a cute nose, this hedgehog house for the garden will be an adorable decoration in your backyard.

Perky-Pet GSB00344 Green Seed Ball Wild Bird Feeder
  • No/No = No plastic, No wood
  • Holds 1.12 lbs of black oil sunflower seed
  • Patented design ensures the highest quality
  • Beautiful Green finish is perfect for every yard

7. RSPB Lodge Nest Box – Christmas Gifts for Gardens/Nest Boxes

This beautiful birdhouse has a classic green roof and would be elegant and discreet in any garden. A great choice for bird lovers, this birdhouse is particularly suitable for blue breasts, large breasts, and homemade sparrows.

Made of high-quality natural wood, the product is widely used for birdhouse decoration outside. With its beautiful design, it can stand out in your garden. It also has a small hole in the top of the product that can accommodate small birds.

Tfwadmx Wooden Bird House, Hanging Birdhouse for Outside, Garden Patio Decorative Nest Box Bird House for Robin Budgie Swallow Little Sparrow Finch Throstle or Medium Size Birds
  • NATURAL WOODEN HOME FOR BIRDS: Bird house craft is made of 100% natural wood. Size--4.5*4.5*5.6In(L*W*H). This lovely log cabin will add beauty to your garden. This sweet little wooden home will make a wonderful addition to your garden. Little birds will flock to feed in this cozy natural birdhouse. It can provide home to various small birds looking for a safe shelter to set up housekeeping.
  • ✔PERFECT FOR BIRDS PERCH: This birdhouse is the perfect gift for any bird, nature lover, or design enthusiast. Little wooden birdfeeder is fully assembled. This cute little perch is the perfect place for small birds to sit and feed. Bird house feeder is suitable for Robin Budgie Swallow Little Sparrow Finch Throstle or Medium Size Birds
  • BIRD HOUSES FOR OUTSIDE HANGING: You can use this birdhouse in your garden by hanging it on a sturdy branch. It can also be placed on a ledge or bench, hung on your balcony, or as a centerpiece in a miniature fairy garden. The choice is all yours. You can sit back and enjoy watching this colorful procession of birds coming to visit cute bird house.
  • DECORATE YOUR BIRDHOUSE: The side of the bird nest uses the lock of high grade. If you want to put warm grass in it, that is very convenientits modelling is delicate and beautiful. It looks stylish and durable outside. Ordinary birdhouses can be painted, tinted and decorated in many different ways! This makes it a great craft for schools and camps. Let your child's creativity soar in this simple and fun activity. It is a perfect fun activity.
  • ADD PERSONALIZED ELEMENTS: The unfinished wooden aviary is the perfect base for creating beautiful things.Add glitter and holiday paint to your decorations. Hang it in a tree and show it in your birdhouse.Welcome element for fairy tale garden.

8. Indoor Herb Garden Seed Starter Kit – Herbal Tea Growing Kits, Grow Medicinal Herbs Indoors

Beautiful gift box looking for a unique gift idea for a friend or family member difficult to buy? You will be proud to give us our beautifully packaged seed starter kit. From our elegant wooden box to our unique jute pots, we’ve thought of everything you need to give the perfect gift.

Herbal Tea Growing Kits make it easy to grow herbs indoors. Our kits contain everything you need to start growing herb plants. Our kit includes soil, pot markers, an infuser, planter boxes, and seed starter kits for herbs like lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, and mints.

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9. ThermoPro TP63A Waterproof Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Digital Wireless Hygrometer Humidity Gauge

Equipped with Professional Grade Rechargeable Sensors, the ThermoPro TP63A Wireless Indoor Thermometer provides accurate internal readings of outdoor temperature and humidity every 50 seconds up toat a distance of 60 m, which allows you to find out if any adjustments are needed for your home. Whatever the situation, the wireless hygrometer with backlight and touchscreen tells you what you need to know at a glance, all on a compact and captivating digital display.

It’s always fun to see how things are going outside. The Outdoor Thermometer Digit is a digital wireless outdoor thermometer with a built-in humidity gauge and a 300-foot/150-meter range that you can use anywhere, even outside. You’ll be able to monitor the change of the weather and you’ll also be able to see what the inside of your home is like, too.

ThermoPro TP63B Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wireless Hygrometer, 500FT Inside Outside Thermometer, Remote Temperature Monitor with Cold-Resistant Sensor, Outdoor Thermometers for Patio Home Greenhouse
  • 500-Foot Remote Range & 4-Location Monitoring: Wireless outdoor thermometer measures temperature and humidity from 500 feet away and can track environmental conditions in up to 4 locations with additional temperature sensors; Search B0BHQSR2RK to purchase additional sensors
  • Cold-Resistant & Waterproof: Thermometer indoor outdoor features completely sealed remote sensor contains rechargeable lithium battery to monitor temp and humidity as low as -31°F/-35°C, assuring transmission in rainy or cold weather
  • Highly Accurate Readings: Weather thermometers with remote thermometer wireless sensor provide precise humidity and temperature readings that are accurate up to ±2°F and ±2-3%RH; Fahrenheit and Celsius can be selected
  • Backlit LCD with Easy-to-Read Display: Thermometer outdoor with easy-to-read display includes current temperature and humidity readings, weather trends, and all-time/24-hour high/low readings. Touch-activated backlight makes this outdoor temperature thermometer easy to read in low-light conditions
  • Install Anywhere: Indoor/outdoor thermometer wireless features multiple placement options including tabletop stand, built-in magnet and wall mount, allowing you to put it anywhere

10. Best Gloves: 12 Pair Small Leather Work Gloves. Durable Cowhide Leather

Gloves An obvious gift, but a great gardening gift should be a pair of gloves. However, you want to find the right gloves for your favorite gardener. There are a lot of cute options, with floral patterns or drawings, but functionality must also be there.

These Leather Work Gloves are made from genuine leather with a suede finish and are specially designed to fit a woman’s hands. They offer dexterity and protection, and the two-inch sleeve prevents dirt from the outside.

Toledano industries 12 Pair Small Leather Work Gloves. Ideal Hand Protection all Environments.
  • Ideal for Industrial, Commercial & Residential Work
  • Split Cowhide Leather With Keystone Thumb
  • Cotton Hem Color Coded for Size & Shirred Elastic Back

11. BEST TOOLS SET: Best Choice Products 7-Piece Polyester Set

This lightweight garden stool has a built-in handle, making it easy to move from place to place. The best part, however, is that it comes with a removable storage bag with seven pockets, allowing the gardener to easily carry his supplies.

It also comes with five basic tools including an eliminator, fork, trowel, cultivator, and transplanter, making it a great gift for someone who just started the garden or someone who needs to refresh their collection. It is perfect for anyone who has a lot of ground to cover.

11. Best Repellent: Gopher Repellent Ultrasonic Solar Powered 4 pcs

SOLAR SONIC SPICES REPETITIVE TOLE, ARDIMUNK, AND GOPHERS WITHOUT CHEMICALS OR POINTS. Our modern solar-powered ultrasonic repellent system effectively prevents pests from damaging your land and entering your lawn, yard, farm, or garden. They are a preventive method that also does not harm the environment.

Gopher Repellent Ultrasonic Solar Powered - Mole Repellent Stakes Outdoor Pet Safe - Groundhog Repeller Snake Rodent Gopher Spikes Chaser - Sonic Mole Deterrent Devices (4)
  • Use a 100% kid safe, humane approach to prevent your property from moles voles shrews gophers and destructive ground rodents. Rest easy knowing your entire lawn is protected even in rain, the mole vole repellent unit is waterproof & corrosion-proof.
  • For optimal performance we recommend that during installation of the yard mole repellents be placed on every 96 feet on your lawn. Moles and gophers and other burrowing rodents are chased away unharmed.
  • Mole repellers emitted 3-4s sonic pulses for every 30 seconds, it penetrates the soil and also forces pests to evacuate the area through which the sound is travelling. After which your garden will be free from rodents.
  • In general, it need about 2-4 weeks to drive the Mole & Gopher away from your garden, Then your garden will be free of these nuisance critters after some weeks.
  • Not effect people, animals or pets. No chemicals or poison is used in this process. Moles, gophers and other burrowing rodents and chased away rather than harmed in the process.

12. Original Weader & Cultivator Garden Hand Tool – Rotary Cultivator Tool – 40” to 60” Telescoping Handle 

Weeding is usually not high on a gardener’s favorite tasks list, but this tool makes weeding so easy that it can become a success. There are a lot of weeds on the market, but this one ranks well with gardeners. Its blade is described as a “steel nail”, and mercilessly shows weeds.

From small surface weeds to troublesome weeds with deep roots, the remover pulls them out with little effort. The handle is made of recycled plastic and is ergonomic for the comfort and health of the hands and wrists of a gardener.

Rocklin Rotary Cultivator Tool - 60” Extra Long Handle - Reinforced Tines - Reseeding Grass or Soil Mixing - All Metal, No Plastic Structural Components - Cultivate Easily
  • 🌻 Tool used by Landscapers, Gardeners, and Homeowners across the country. Chances are good that your local landscaping company has one of these in their toolbox.
  • 🌻 Made with HARDENED STAINLESS STEEL and ALUMINUM to ensure years and years of high performance cultivating without dealing with rust. No plastic means no broken parts.
  • 🌻 Perfect size: 5 Foot EXTRA LONG Pole allows anyone to cultivate without back strains or pains. The extended handle means more leverage for better cultivating.
  • 🌻 Longer spikes than other rotary cultivators. 1.5” spikes for DEEP cultivation and aeration. The top 2 inches of soil are the key to cultivating and this product mixes up that soil perfectly.
  • 🌻 Cultivate and aerate your soil to grow HEALTHY and BEAUTIFUL plants of all varieties. Removable middle wheel allows cultivating custom widths of soil or around rows of plants.

13. Best Notebook: Magazines for All Gardening Journal

Gardening Notebook is a journey often filled with many trials, errors, and lessons learned along the way. This gardening journal is a great way to keep track of everything. Includes convenient sections to stay organized, such as a monthly planning checklist, shopping list, and grid plan.

There are also journal pages to write down the plant name, cost, image, projected height and width, date, quantity planted, and much more. This is a useful way to look back and see what worked and what didn’t work and try to figure out how to improve progress. The journal measures 8.5″ x 11″ with 96 pages and a beautiful floral cover.

SUCK UK My Gardening Handbook / Journal - Green
  • A personal gardening reference book for recording your planting plans, ideas and growing secrets. Fabric bound hardback book that's available in black and green.
  • Includes 300 pages of clever tips, and templates alongside blank sections to stick photos or pictures & fill with secret harvest advice for the hands on gardener.
  • A quality stocking filler and gift for your green-fingered friends or family this Christmas. Perfect for birthday presents for grandparents or keepsakes for a couple on their wedding day.
  • Grow fruit, vegetables, herbs, trees & flowers and document their growth in this useful planner & organiser. Record each micro-climate and seed planted in one handy diary.
  • Measures 165mm(W) x 228mm(H) x 35mm(D) – A special piece of giftware from Suck UK.

14. Best Tote: Gardener’s Puddle-Proof Tote Picnic at Ascot 341-FO Designed & Assembled in The USA 3 Stainless Steel Tools

Resistant to gardener puddles, whether you’re a gardener or you’re starting to think about planting your first seeds, this bag allows you to keep everything organized easily. The bag is made of canvas material and suede trim handles, and the bottom is made of waterproof rubber.

Besides, it is easy to keep gardening tools accessible, but safe. External pockets are equipped with elastic bands, so there is no fear that the precious tools of a gardener will slip. Gardening can dry anyone and the outer mesh pocket easily fits a water bottle.

Picnic at Ascot 341-FO Designed & Assembled in The USA 3 Stainless Steel Tools, One Size, Forest Green
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY from PICNIC at ASCOT USA - Designers and Manufacturers for over 25 years of a Wide Range of High Quality Picnic Baskets, Coolers, Wine Carriers & Life Style Products
  • HIGH QUALITY multi-pocket garden tote with three heavy gauge stainless steel tools with comfort grip handles.
  • CONSTRUCTED with durable 600 denier canvas with rolled handles and a rigid base - great for carrying hand tools - seeds - gardening gloves - spray bottle and more
  • INCLUDES three stainless hand tools with soft handles that color coordinate with tote.
  • MEASURES 13.5" wide x 6.75" deep x 12" high.

15. Ralf Bamboo Gardener Socks – Super Soft and Comfortable No-Show Bamboo

These super-soft socks are made from a blend of bamboo and organic cotton so they are environmentally friendly and breathable. Two pairs of socks with unique gardening patterns are included with a smart sock bag for presentation and storage.

Super Soft and Comfortable No Show Bamboo Workout Socks Womens Socks Size 9-11 Mens Socks Size 10-12
  • Super soft and comfortable socks for men, women & children: Our socks are soft and comfortable for men, women, boys and girls! These socks have a cushioned sole to keep your feet extra happy! 80% Rayon Made from Bamboo, 15% Polyester, 5%Spandex
  • Prevent sweaty feet: Our socks are moisture wicking so that your feet stay nice and dry. These socks also have a mesh top to make them more breathable and lightweight so that your feet stay cool and dry. These socks will keep your feet comfortable and dry!
  • Perfect for athletes: These Socks are breathable and lightweight so that they keep your feet ventilated and comfortable.

16. ACYPAPER Plotter Paper 24 x 150

This solid oak paper potter allows you to make your pots of seedlings from recycled newspapers. Pots are waste-efficient and biodegradable, as well as they could be a great family activity, as they are suitable for children from the age of three.

ACYPAPER Plotter Paper 24 x 150, CAD Paper Rolls, 20 lb. Bond Paper on 2" Core for CAD Printing on Wide Format Ink Jet Printers, 4 Rolls per Box. Premium Quality
  • Size and Quantity: ACYPAPER offers a practical solution with its 24" x 150' Plotter Paper Rolls, providing users with a generous supply of four rolls per box. This quantity ensures an extended and uninterrupted printing experience for various large-format applications.
  • Paper Weight and Brightness: With a weight of 80 grams per square meter (GSM) or 20 pounds, this plotter paper strikes a balance between thickness and flexibility. Additionally, boasting a brightness rating of 96, the paper enhances the clarity and vividness of printed content, making it ideal for detailed technical drawings and graphics.
  • Plotter Compatibility: Engineered for compatibility with a range of plotters and large-format printers, ACYPAPER's plotter paper rolls are a reliable choice for professionals in engineering, architecture, and design. This ensures seamless integration into existing printing setups for enhanced efficiency.
  • High-Quality Printing: The 96 brightness rating contributes to high-quality prints by producing sharp and vibrant images and text. This makes the paper well-suited for applications where precision and visual impact are crucial, such as architectural plans, engineering schematics, and detailed graphic designs.
  • Convenient Packaging: The plotter paper rolls are conveniently packaged in sets of four rolls per box. This not only facilitates easy storage but also ensures a readily available supply, reducing the need for frequent restocking and minimizing interruptions during printing tasks.

17. Recycled Sack Plant Holders – Plant Stand for Indoor & Outdoor Pots

The upcycling of the recycled jute bag is an ecological and current trend, and these burlap stands are an excellent example of this. Handmade with recycled coffee bags, each one is unique to make a truly special gift for houseplant parents.

Bamboo 6 Tier 7 Potted Plant Stand Rack Multiple Flower Pot Holder Shelf Indoor Outdoor Planter Display Shelving Unit for Patio Garden Corner Balcony Living Room
  • 🏡 Indoor Outdoor Flower Stands - 6 layers of exhibition space for your favorite plants,You can use this cute pot rack to display your succulents, daffodils, cactus, roses, lilies, tulips, daisies, etc
  • 🏡 Multi-purpose Plant Rack - This planter hold shelf can be used in Hallway, indoors, outdoors, bedroom, living room, balcony, patio, garden, front porch, office and shop, as you wish
  • 🏡 Fine Workmanship – This flower rack made of high quality bamboo and have strong load-bearing capacity
  • 🏡 Quick and Easy Assembly - Easy to follow instructions and all required tools are included for convenience; Dimensions:15.7”L*8.3”W*47.2”H
  • 🏡 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - If you are not satisfied with our products or have any problems with the products received, please feel free to contact us, we will help you solve the problem as soon as possible

18. Topiary Pyramidal Frame – Arcadia Silk Plantation 2 Pre-potted 4 Feet

For gardeners who like to have their garden tidy and tidy or just go into a new pruning technique, this topiary frame is a must. Attached with pliers and dowels, it is the perfect removable mold for cutting shrubs and trees into shape.

Two 4 Foot Outdoor Artificial Boxwood Spiral Topiary Trees UV Rated Plants
  • Each with approx. 1221 leaves, Grower Pot approx 7" W, 5" H
  • Height approx. 4', Width approx. 1'
  • Made of plastic, used for both indoor and outdoor display
  • Pot Included, Basic assembly and shaping needed.

19. Copper Indoor Watering – Achla Designs WC-17 Deco Copper Metal Watering Can Jug

Copper Indoor Watering As beautiful as it is practical, this solid copper watering can is handmade by Haws. The charming interior is also a great gift for greenhouse gardeners.

Achla Designs WC-17 Deco Copper Metal Watering Can Jug
  • Functional Watering Can: Beautiful style has a modern look, but is also a functional for plant watering. The long spout reaches beneath leaves to deliver water directly to the soil without making a splashy mess. Holds 1 quart of water.
  • Modern Design: Equally at home with a machine-age or retro 1950’s decorative look, the three-tiered waterfall design is graceful and reminiscent of the Art Deco style. Ditch your traditional, plastic watering can for this handmade, vintage-style piece.
  • Dainty Home Accessory: This pitcher measures 8 ¼ inches in H and 10 ½ inches L with a 6-inch diameter, making it small enough to fit in a bathroom, kitchen or office. Perfect for your terrariums, tabletop gardens, a collection of succulents, cactus or violet plants.
  • Classic Solid Copper construction in an attractive Polished Finish, is durable and non-breakable, will not rust and will last for many years.

20. Paper Padding Gifts

The Gardener on Paper Perfect for organized gardeners, or those who could do with a little help, this planner helps to ensure that every date and occasion is memorized. The journal has a 54-week view, as well as additional space for taking notes. The paper has a wide range of custom designs and options, but “The Gardener” is our favorite for any green friend finger.

No products found.

21. Sprouts Pencil, Original Spruce Edition

These remarkable Sprout pencils contain seeds in the pod at the end and can be planted once you have finished using them and will become a new plant. Especially for Christmas, Sprout has released a Christmas tree edition of pencils which means they will eventually grow on your own Christmas tree once planted.

Sprout Wood-Cased Pencils | Original Edition | HB Pre-Sharpened Graphite Plantable Wooden Pencils with Flower, Herb & Vegetable Seeds |Gift Ideal for Drawing, Sketching & Shading | 8 Pack
  • 🖉 MAKE THE WORLD SPROUT – This Special edition contains 8 graphite Sprout pencils. Look closely at the tip of this unique pencil and you’ll see a small seed capsule. Write, draw, doodle and design, until your Sprout pencil becomes too short to use, then simply turn it upside down, plant the stub and enjoy watching it grow into fragrant herbs, beautiful flowers or fresh organic vegetables. Each pencil indicates what seed type is inside and what plant will grow.
  • 🖉 WORLDS FIRST PLANTABLE PENCIL – At Sprout, we believe that big change is possible through small innovations. We’ve taken this idea and developed it into the world’s first patented and plantable pencil, a true messenger for green change. By choosing Sprout pencils, you're setting an example for a greener and better future. Sustainability is not just something we encourage our customers to promote. We incorporate it in all aspects of our business at Sprout.
  • 🖉 VERSATILE, SUSTAINABLE, ECO-FRIENDLY – Sprout pencils are 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable and made from sustainably sourced materials, utilizing sustainable production techniques. Our pencils and packaging are either PEFC or FSC certified. This means that every time a tree is harvested, another one is planted. Our pencils also carry the European EN-71 safety approval certification and we’re a proud member of SEDEX.
  • 🖉 THE GIFT THAT GIVES BACK – Sprout Pencils are an excellent gift for friends, family and colleagues. The ideal present for birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, Back to School, Stocking Stuffers, advent calendar, weddings, teacher's appreciation day and other special occasions. A green sustainable mindset is ultimately the greatest gift of all.
  • 🖉 WHAT’S IN THE BOX – The Sprout Original Edition contains a total of 8 eco-friendly, biodegradable and high-quality Sprout graphite pencils with decomposable cellulose seed-capsules for herbs, flowers or vegetables. This edition includes the following seed type: Sage, Thyme, Carnation, Chia, Coriander, Daisy, Forget me not and Basil.

22. Wildflower Seedbom Butterfly

Seedbox is biodegradable, which means you can throw them in the garden and they break down and leave only the seeds behind. There is a range of seed varieties available, including this wildflower blend designed to encourage butterflies in your garden. A great gift idea for small gardeners.

No products found.

23. Multi Feeder Hanging Kit for Bird Watching

Water Plate This stylish water dish is a practical and attractive addition to your garden and provides a soothing space for nearby birds to hydrate. This is especially important for species that eat seeds that do not receive much moisture from their diet. The dish includes a sturdy metal hanger to hold it from a branch or where you want to hang it in your outdoor space.

Gray Bunny 91” Bird Feeder Pole, Bird Feeder Stand Set with 7 Accessory Attachments with Multiple Shepherds Hook for Bird Feeders for Outside, Sturdy 5-Prong Base, Stainless Steel Bird Feeder Hanger
  • PREMIUM DESIGN: Rust resistant, heavy duty sturdy steel construction for stability and weather resistance. High weight capacity to support different types of feeders and Improved stability with a strong 5 prongs base design. Adjustable attachments.
  • VERSATILE: This squirrel-proof bird feeder pole is perfect for hanging anything you want outside, garden or patio, such as multiple bird feeders, hummingbird feeder, bird houses, bird baths, lanterns, planters, wedding decorations. 4 Hook hangers.
  • DECORATIVE & ENTERTAINING: Bird feeder hangers for outside with attractive aesthetics to complement outdoor decor. Feed and watch wild birds from the comfort of your home attracting a wide variety of birds with diverse bird food in different feeders.
  • EASY INSTALLATION AND CLEANING: Just step down on the stake to anchor and plant the bird feeder stand for outside into the floor. Adjust the attachments on the post by hand. No tools required! Mesh tray and water bowl detach for easy cleaning.
  • GIFT IDEA: A great gift idea for parents, nature enthusiasts, garden lovers, elderly bird watcher, wildlife photographers and children. BIRD FEEDERS ARE SOLD SEPERATELY

24. Gardening Clothing Gifts – Polyurethane Coated Gardening Gloves

These gardening gloves extend beyond the wrist for added protection from spines and nettles and can be customized with up to 25 characters. An elegant way to weed and pruning fights a short version, with synthetic leather palms is also available, if you prefer.

Vgo... 15-Pairs Safety Work Gloves, Gardening Gloves, Polyurethane Coated, Dipping Gloves, Latex Free (Size M, Yellow, PU2103)
  • MULTI-PURPOSE APPLICATIONS - Ideal for the auto industry, utility workers, regular construction, logistic, warehousing, driving, forest, ranching, landscaping, gardening, picking, camping, hand tools and DIY light duty works, outdoor activities
  • MATERIAL - Highly flexible seamless polyester liner provides hands for maximum comfort. Flexible and dexterous Polyurethane coating offers good levels of mechanical performance. Knit wrist secure fit & keeps hands free of dust and dirt
  • WASHABLE - Machine washable for easy cleaning & maintenance. Quick-dry, reusable
  • VALUED PACK - Optional colors and packages
  • CERTIFICATION - CA65 approved/Comply with the EU REACH Regulation, CE certified with EN388: 3121X

25. AOKIWO Garden Tools Set – Personalized Garden Tool Belt

Keep hand tools, labels, and any other useful kit within reach with this handy tool belt. Adjustable, it easily crosses around the waist and features pockets of different sizes and a pencil holder. The belt can also be customized with up to eight characters to make it a truly unique and personal gift.

UKOKE Garden Tool Set, 12 Piece Aluminum Hand Tool Kit, Garden Canvas Apron with Storage Pocket, Outdoor Tool, Heavy Duty Gardening Work Set with Ergonomic Handle, Gardening Tools for women men
  • 🌱12-Piece Heavy-Duty Tool Set: This comprehensive set includes heavy-duty pruning shears and 12 top-notch gardening tools, featuring blades made from high-carbon SK-5 steel for superior durability and sharpness. It also comes with a stainless steel snip for precision shaping and clipping of flowers and tiny plants.
  • 🌱5 Heavy-Duty Hand Tools: Crafted from high-quality, heavy-duty cast aluminum alloy, this set comprises 5 essential hand tools: a rake for loosening soil, a spade for transplanting, a trowel for digging, a weeder for removing dirt, and a cultivator for aerating soil. Each tool features a convenient hanging hole at the top of the handle, ensuring simple and clutter-free storage.
  • 🌱Polyester Apron with PVC Coating: Stay organized with this sturdy gardener's waterproof apron, equipped with numerous organizer pockets to keep your gardening tools and supplies within reach. The apron also includes a kneeling pad for added comfort. Made from waterproof 600D polyester with a PVC covering for easy maintenance, this apron comes with a premium storage box for efficient organization.
  • 🌱Ergonomic Handles: Designed for comfort and ease of use, all garden tools in this set feature ergonomic anti-slip handles with soft-grip surfaces, reducing hand and arm strain during prolonged use. These handles are compatible with gloves, and the set includes garden genie gloves that can be used for weeding, planting, and pruning roses without the need for additional tools.
  • 🌱Refund Policy: Purchase with confidence knowing that we offer a 30-day refund/replacement policy and a 12-month new replacement period. The premium UKOKE UGP02G garden tool set bundle caters to all your gardening needs and makes for a perfect gift set.

26. Esschert Design Giant Hedge Hog Boot Brush

Keep your wellness boots, walking boots, and outdoor shoes with this National Trust Cast Iron Boot Brush. With the help of the brush, you can knock down the worst in the mud by helping to limit cleaning when you return home.

Esschert Design Giant Hedge Hog Boot Brush
  • Adorable giant hedgehog boot brush
  • Unique design
  • Durable material
  • 16-inches long

Gifts That Feed A Grower’s Love

Sure, you could get your friends with green thumbs more plants, but they might not be the most meaningful gifts. Instead, try putting together a little package deal, perhaps a book and a plant. Or you can go for the gusto. Just about any plant that a gardener falls in love with probably has an organization of those similarly obsessed. Membership in such a group makes a great gift.

If frilly ferns spark her ardor, buy a membership to the American Fern Society. If roses float his boat, there’s the American Rose Society. Are orchids the source of their ardor? Join the American Orchid Society. Does she have a compulsion for cactus and succulents? You guessed it – the Cactus and Succulent Society of America.

What if your gardener loves all plants? The American Horticultural Society should cover it. All of these societies offer regular publications along with membership. Some are a little esoteric, but others might be just what a jaded gardener wishes for.

Almost all of these plant societies walk the line between the hobby-grower and the scientist. This is because many of them also publish journals that offer a place where new botanical discoveries can be published, a necessary step in the naming of new species.

For example, the most recent issue of the Cactus and Succulent Journal, the cactus society’s quarterly, has an article on new Christmas cactus hybrids. You have to already be obsessed with these plants to enjoy that journal, which also comes with a newsletter called To the Point, which has information on buying seeds and articles on growing different kinds of these plants.

Some of these societies also have spectacular gardens that can be toured. The American Orchid Society maintains a public garden in Florida, and the American Rose Society has one in Louisiana.

The finest cactus and succulent collection in the country can be found at the Huntington Botanical Garden near Los Angeles. For palm enthusiasts, there is the Fairchild Botanical Garden in Coral Gables, Fla. Combine a membership with a gift plant or gift certificate from a mail-order nursery or a trip to a garden, and you’ll have only yourself to blame when your mate begins to toss out the furniture to make room for more plants.

Another thoughtful gift would be a membership to a local public garden, a gift certificate to the garden’s store, or a nursery. North Carolina is rich in public gardens, and many of them have special activities and plant-sale previews that are open only to members. Members also generally get advance notice of trips, tours, and classes.

There are local plant societies as well. The Winston-Salem Rose Society has an active membership. Bundling a gift certificate to a rose nursery and a membership to the society would make a nice gift. There’s also N.C. Bonsai Society, which meets at Miller Park.

Plenty of Great Holiday Gifts Available for Gardeners

The most useful gardening gifts that I received last Christmas were a kneeling pad and “Gloves in a Bottle.” Like many gardeners, I begin digging, planting, and pruning wearing a sturdy pair of garden gloves. But before 10 minutes have passed, the gloves are off. Most gardeners like the feel of the soil on their bare hands — a fact that might be good for the soul, but hard on the hands and nails.

Liquid “Gloves in a Bottle” forms on the outer layer of skin cells to protect against irritants and to prevent stains and odors from penetrating past the surface of the skin. It’s non-toxic and odor-free. I apply it like hand lotion and wash it off when I’ve finished gardening. It’s available locally.

When I plant, I kneel. That’s why my husband, Larry, scored big time with a super-soft knee cushion that is molded to fit and support the knees. It’s lightweight, washable, and made of polyurethane. Larry found it in the Gardener’s Supply catalog. I’ve checked off a few more items in their holiday catalog that I’m wishing for this year.

The garden rest stop for butterflies and dragonflies is a beautiful glass flower on a 360-inch spike that holds water. I placed it in the gardening gift near Butterfly Weed. I’d like more of their classy copper markers too. These come with a ballpoint pen that will engrave your plant’s pedigree permanently.

Gardeners Edge has the most unusual birdhouses I’ve ever seen. They are replicas of authentic hats, crafted of durable cold-cast porcelain and hand-painted. There are two styles, the “Lady Gardner” looks like a real straw hat, and the “Nostalgic Fisherman” hat is complete with flies. They are 14 inches in diameter, with a cleanout hole in the back, a drain hole, and a hanger basket.

Gardeners Edge has a collection of insect-repellent apparel that includes a “Butterfly Bandana,” a “Sun Bucket Hat” and a “Khaki Buzz Off” hat. All have insect repellent finish that repels flies, ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers, and midges. They’re odourless and the repellent lasts through 25 items of washing. Many greenhouse gardeners depend on Charley’s Greenhouse and gardening gifts for supplies. They have a large selection of plant lights for those dark, gloomy days; exhaust fans, thermostats, and all manner of pots and trays.

And what does the greenhouse gardener do in the greenhouse in winter? We propagate. My holiday gift for myself is more Dip-n-Grow, an easy-rooting solution, and Snip n’ Dip, a professional rooting powder that comes in three strengths: easy to propagate, woody and semi-woody, and difficult. Also available is an organic seed starter that is guaranteed the highest germination and no damp-off — the killer disease that destroys young seedlings.

You don’t have to be a gardener to appreciate the gift of a flowering plant. There are many traditional holiday plants available locally or you can order them to be delivered. White Flower Farm has spring-flowering bulb collections in baskets that need only light, water, and warm temperatures to fill your room with the color and scent of narcissus, tulips, and hyacinths.

Sophisticated gardeners love unusual houseplants, especially to give as gifts. Look for odd-shaped cactus or succulents that will surprise the recipient with sudden summer flowering, or a clivia that will bloom in late winter. A friend who lives in an apartment or an assisted living home might appreciate a tabletop tree.

There are rosemary plants shaped like trees at local gardening gift centers. You can decorate with lightweight decorations of tiny balls and a ribbon garland. Write a card with simple directions on how to care for the rosemary tree: “Make sure not to give the rosemary tree too much water. Allow to dry out between waterings. Do not feed your plant in winter.”

Gardening gift books are to gardeners as cookbooks are to cooks — you can’t have too many. Two that I’ve enjoyed this year are “Wild Orchids of South Carolina” by James Alexander Fowler (University of South Carolina Press), a truly beautiful book for orchid growers and nature lovers of all ages, and “Garden Perennials for the Coastal South” by Barbara J. Sullivan (University of North Carolina Press), with great photos and this section: “The Best and Worst Plants for Coastal Gardens.”

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